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New landscape design

Problems with the current landscaping

The current network of gravel paths is badly degraded. The paths are uneven and rutted and the gravel surface is difficult for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility to use.

Broken steps and other barriers make it difficult for people to move around the site. 

Google reviews and our own accessibility review highlight that the site is difficult for people with reduced vision and mobility problems. 

Accessible for everyone

The new design will see the current network of uneven gravel paths will be upgraded and replaced with a new resinbound surface to create an all abilities route.

Steps and other physical barriers will be removed and gentle slopes introduced. The existing sandstone blocks which form the steps will be reused elsewhere in the design to improve sustainability.  

History of the Saltire

Some visitors don't find their way to the back of the kirkyard and miss visiting the flag heritage centre and the viewpoint.

A new timeline made up of engraved stone roundels will help to guide visitors to the heritage centre.

The timeline will tell the history of the saltire and its adoption and use in Scotland over time from the Battle of Athelstaneford in 832AD through to the re-convening of the Scottish Parliament in 1999.